One month ago today, I was all about connecting with people.

With one week to go before the March 17th election, we were in the crucial final days of the campaign where every moment mattered. How many homes did we visit today, and could we visit tomorrow? How many volunteers were out meeting voters and making calls? How were our Election Day preparations coming along?

Then, stopping the deadly coronavirus became our new reality. How we connect with others changed overnight.

Today, I am proud to tell you that enough mail-in ballots have been collected and I am the Democratic nominee for the November election to continue representing the 19th House District in the Illinois Legislature. It should be a time of both pride and relief, of gratitude and hope for the future. And in some ways, it is.

When I first decided to run for this office last year, I knew it would be a challenge. I give my opponents in this primary election race credit for their passion and many good ideas. I am a better neighbor, community leader and legislator for having gone through this process.

But as COVID-19 creates an ongoing public health crisis unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetimes, all I can really think about is how much I miss connecting with people. These words will have to do for now.

Thank you to my campaign staff and volunteers: the many in organized labor, local democratic organizations, elected officials, longtime community collaborators and some new friends who walked into a campaign office for the first time because they believed in me. I would not be here today without you.

Thank you to the constituents of the 19th House District, from Jefferson Park to Harwood Heights: for picking up the phone, opening your door and inviting me into your living room, and chatting with me at pancake breakfasts and evening events. I will always be grateful for the chance to listen to you and learn from you.

And of course, thank you to my many family members and friends near and far who supported me from day one.

I am grateful to have won this campaign, and more determined than ever to connect with you and serve you every day. This crisis has touched many people, with devastating consequences. The weeks and months ahead will be difficult, as we work to rebuild our public health system and our economy. I will continue to listen and lead, because we need more of both now more than ever.

My district office is a welcoming touchpoint for all COVID-19 resources. Please call and email us if we can help, and check out these links and our email updates:

State of Illinois Coronavirus Response website

City of Chicago Coronavirus Response website

State Representative LaPointe on Facebook

Today and tomorrow, and every day until this crisis eases, stay home and safe. If you do need to go out, take precautions. We’re all in this together, but our time apart is critical to ending the spread of the disease.

Until we can connect again in person, thank you for your support. It means everything to me. Let me know how I can help.

With love and gratitude,