An advocate for the middle class and working families.

Lindsey has dedicated her life to helping the people of Illinois.

She followed her mother into a career in social work after hearing at her mother’s funeral how many lives she touched. As a social worker, Lindsey worked with children with special needs, adults with disabilities, and seniors in need of help. She was there to listen, support, and care.

As a policy advocate, Lindsey worked for eight years to find smarter ways to approach crime, saving taxpayers money and making our communities safer. As a neighborhood volunteer, she’s helped residents in need and led community groups.

Now as our State Representative, Lindsey is best positioned to help locally while pushing for state policies to change. In an extraordinarily difficult 2020, she has pushed for COVID-19 relief for small businesses and working families, and ensured our state budget protects our vulnerable. As we move forward with social justice reforms, Lindsey is leading productive discussions to embrace understanding, compassion and acceptance in the face of racism and discrimination.

Lindsey will never stop fighting for a better Illinois. We can always count on her for help.


Lindsey LaPointe portrait