We need to take steps to push towards long-term healthcare solutions that serve everyone. While the Affordable Care Act took major strides in reforming our healthcare system and protecting those with pre-existing conditions, more needs to be done on the state level to both safeguard those protections and expand necessary healthcare to ensure everyone has access to care. Lindsey will fight for accessible and affordable healthcare – including mental healthcare – to keep everyone in our community healthy without bankrupting them.

Advocating for First Responders

Our first responders and their families invest so much into making sure our communities are safe and secure – we need to make sure we are investing in them. Lindsey is committed to making sure our first responders – law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMTS – have fair contracts, secure retirements, and access to proper healthcare – including mental healthcare.

Fair Taxes

Middle class and working families across the 19th district and Illinois are feeling squeezed by taxes – forcing many to leave the state as they’re unable to afford staying here. Lindsey will fight for a fair tax that gives relief to the middle class and ensure everyone pays their fair share.


Lindsey knows that every child should have access to a good education. That’s why she supports strengthening our neighborhood public schools. Having worked with kids who have special needs, she also understands that our special education programs are severely lacking. She supports lower ratios of nurses, social workers and librarians across our schools to ensure our teachers can stay focused on teaching and our students have the resources they need to be healthy and safe every day of the week. She also supports an elected school board for the city of Chicago which would make our school officials more accountable to the public.

Gun Violence Prevention

With a background in criminal justice work, Lindsey is well equipped to work on legislation focused on reducing gun violence – making our communities safer. This includes supporting law enforcement in their efforts to get guns off the streets as well as investing state resources into treating gun violence as a public health epidemic – through community and program investments that research shows reduce violence. research efforts and community violence reduction. She supports common sense gun safety laws that protect our communities and our kids, without infringing upon the 2nd amendment.

Protecting Our Environment

A brighter future for Illinois means a greener future. Lindsey supports investing in clean energy programs to move away from our state’s reliance on fossil fuels and create jobs. Lindsey also supports strengthening our public transit and railway transit systems to provide commuters with alternate more environmentally friendly ways to travel.

Women's Rights

As the first woman to ever hold this seat, Lindsey is dedicated to protecting women’s rights including protecting women’s healthcare and reproductive rights, ending gender discrimination, and instituting equal pay for equal work.