Women’s & LGBTQ Rights

While women’s rights and LGBTQ rights are under attack all across the country, Lindsey has been putting in the work and fighting to protect full access to reproductive healthcare, standing up for equal pay for equal work, ending gender discrimination, and provide adequate and affordable child care choices. 

As State Representative, Lindsey fought to make reproductive healthcare a fundamental right here in Illinois to ensure that peoplewill have access to safe abortions, no matter what happens with Roe v. Wade. 

Lindsey is working to make Illinois an inclusive state and was proud to support legislation to expand access to Invitro Fertilization for LGBTQ couples and single women and to ensure full supports for our LGBTQ older adults in Illinois.

As a Planned Parenthood, Personal PAC, and Equality Illinois endorsed candidate, Lindsey is standing with pro-choice organizations and LGBTQ advocates in the fight to keep Illinois and the country asafe and welcoming place for everyone.